Harry Byrne – The LFT Apprentice

Jun 24, 2022

Harry Byrne joined LFT as an apprentice in July 2020 as a shy 18-year-old on a Jobs Growth Wales Scheme; initially on 3 months’ probation. Having gained a CSCS green card he was trained as a UKAS water test assistant completing a written test and then receiving practical on-the-job training.

Harry learnt quickly and was keen to gain experience and qualifications. The decision to retain him at 3 months was easy; he was trained in Health and Safety Awareness, Manual Handling, Working at Height and Asbestos Awareness and it was clear he wanted to improve his skill set. In October 20 he undertook an IPAF course, and it was becoming clear that he had good IT skills.

In July 21 the decision was made to start training Harry to become a lead tester with a longer-term view to him having an apprentice work for him. With careful tuition, supervision and guidance from our Water Testing Trainer and the office staff re the paperwork and process he quickly reached the point where he was competent to undertake UKAS Water Testing as a Laboratory Team Leader; the paperwork was submitted for his CSCS Skilled Worker Card. After receiving the card, he has successfully undertaken tests for the company in London, Manchester, Cambridge, and Bristol. It has been fascinating watching a shy youngster develop into a strong, confident member of our team in such a short time and at such a young age.

Harry in Cambridge, warm, head down, monitoring the time and inspecting for water inside the building rather than being the one outside in the cold spraying the water! Developing yourself has lots of benefits?