LFT’s Commitment to Sustainability

Jul 24, 2021

At LFT we are committed to moving towards more sustainable and eco-friendly practices and continue to explore the various ways in which we can progress to achieve this aim.

Currently, we are proud to be able to provide two services that are eco-friendly alternatives, and which leave a limited carbon footprint in comparison to more traditional methods.

Industrial Abseiling

Industrial abseiling, which uses no power, offers a greener solution than MEWPS. It is also cost-effective and our IRATA trained abseilers can reach areas of difficult access quickly and can promptly begin the necessary work required – without the need for road closures, expensive scaffolding, powered access platforms, or causing disruptions for the residents on-site and passing pedestrians.

Pure Water System

A pure water system is the fastest and most efficient way to clean a façade, as well as being environmentally friendly due to the complete absence of chemicals. It requires no drying time and leaves no deposits – guaranteeing streak-free results, as well as saving time, money, and the environment.