Track and Trace

Project: CWCT Hose Test

Location: Bristol

Track and trace are the terms used when our engineers, who are specialists in building remedial works, attend buildings with difficult to detect leaks and use Centre for Window and Cladding Technology (CWCT) methods to find them.

A good example of track and trace undertaken by LFT Maintenance was a recent job at South Quay House in Bristol where they had a long-standing leak problem on the glazed entrance. The team used a hose test and accessed the roof using a mobile tower.

The initial assessment showed that a great deal of debris and detritus had accumulated in gutters and downpipes and that this would require clearing before any work could commence.

Things were further complicated by the addition of a glass canopy which was placed on top of other glazing.

Once the gutters and downpipes were cleared it was also obvious that several temporary repairs had been undertaken over the years.

Spraying commenced and water ingress was quickly noted in several places including, worryingly, above some electrics.

A detailed report was compiled and passed on to the customer which highlighted the precise locations of the leaks and gave advice and guidance about suitable repairs and future maintenance of the structure.

The customer was pleased with the report.